Week 10: Youthspeak

This week I interviewed three children regarding their popular culture interests.  Lily-May is a 7 year old girl, Daniel a 9 year old boy and Sarah a 12 year old girl.  While they all showed that they engaged with some of the same popular culture texts as their friends/cohort did, their responses show that their tastes in books/films/TV etcetera are largely influenced by their own unique interests or hobbies.

1.  Can you list what you like to read?  (eg.  titles of books/series, magazines, comics, picture books, graphic novels etc)

Lily-May:  Chapter books about fairies

Daniel:  Long books about animals

Sarah:  Ned Kelly, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, ‘Harry Potter’ and sporting books

2.  Why do you enjoy reading these so much?

Lily-May:  I like the names of the fairies

Daniel:  They explain about animals, they are interesting

Sarah:  They are interesting and get my attention.  They don’t get boring.

3.  How many hours a week would you spend reading?

Lily-May:  20 minutes at school.  1 minute at home

Daniel:  At school I read for 20 minutes each day.  Hardly ever at home.

Sarah:  2 hours and 30 minutes

4.  What are your favourite programs on TV and why?

Lily-May:  Peppa Pig on ABC2.  I like it because it’s colourful and funny.

Daniel:  Deadly 60 on ABC3.  It shows the most deadly animals in the world.

Sarah:  My Place on ABC3 because it retells the olden way of life to the more modern.

5.  How many hours a week would you spend watching TV?

Lily-May:  4 hours

Daniel:  A long time

Sarah:  10 hours

6.  Can you list some of your favourite movies and why?

Lily-May:  I like Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.  It’s cute.

Daniel:  Harry Potter, it’s very scary.

Sarah:  Like Mike 1 and 2 because it’s a basketball movie.

7.  Are these books/movies/TV programs popular among your friends as well?  Do your friends read/watch/play with the same things as you?

Lily-May:  My friend Deon likes Barbie as well.  Don’t know if my other friends like it.  My friends don’t like Peppa Pig, they might think it is baby.

Daniel:  Nah, not really.  People at school like Minecraft.

Sarah:  Some of my friends watch different channels but we like to read the same things.

8.  If not, what do you think is popular with your friends?

Lily-May:  Monster High is popular.

Daniel:  Everyone likes Minecraft.

Sarah:  My friends watch Home and Away and Big Brother.

9.  Do you have any other personal items/toys/merchandise relating to your favourite books/movies/games etc.?  eg. backpacks/towels/water bottles?

Lily-May:  I have Barbie dolls.  I would like a Peppa Pig doll even though people think it is baby.

Daniel:  No, only the Harry Potter movies

Sarah:  I have a polar bear teddy that my best friend gave me.

10.  Is it important that you have these things?  Why/why not?

Lily-May:  Yes, because I love them.

Daniel:  Yes, because if I didn’t have them what would I do?

Sarah:  It’s important to keep it for memory when you’re older.

11.  What about the internet?  Do you have access to and use the internet at school?  At home?

Lily-May:  Yes, at home, not at school.

Daniel:  Yes, at home and school

Sarah:  I use the internet at home and school

12.  How many hours would you spend online each week?

Lily-May:  5 minutes

Daniel:  At school 3 hours, at home 1 hour

Sarah:  1 hour

13.  What kind of things do you like to search on the internet?

Lily-May:  Reading Eggs and Mathletics

Daniel:  At school Minecraft.  At home Mathletics and Sumdog

Sarah:  Research for English, History

14.  Do you use any forms of social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace?  If so, how often do you use these spaces?

Lily-May:  No

Daniel:  No

Sarah:  Don’t have it

15.  And why do use these spaces?

Lily-May:  N/A

Daniel:  N/A

Sarah:  Dont’ have it

16.  Do you have a mobile phone?  What do you use your phone for?

Lily-May:  No

Daniel:  No

Sarah:  Yes, to call my mum when I’m away for basketball

17.  What about games?  Do you play computer games, video games, games on social networking sites or on your mobile phone?

Lily-May:  I play games on my Ipod.  Mostly Minecraft and Angry Birds.

Daniel:  I have an Ipod and I play heaps of games.  I love Minecraft.

Sarah:  I have the game Despicable Me and social networking as Instagram.

18.  Is there anything else you can think of that is ‘popular’ among you and your friends at the moment?  If so, please list them.

Lily-May:  Monster High dolls.

Daniel:  Minecraft – lots of people talk about it.  We play it at school in the computer lab.

Sarah:  Facebook.

19.  Do your teachers draw on any of the ‘popular’ things you like to read/watch/engage with when they are teaching you in the classroom?

Lily-May:  No

Daniel:  No

Sarah:  Yes

20.  Do you think they should?  Why/why not?

Lily-May:  No, they would think that I am a baby.

Daniel:  No, it would waste learning time.  You can access Minecraft EDU at school.

Sarah:  Yes, to share others interest.


2 thoughts on “Week 10: Youthspeak

  1. I too found great variety in what young people are ‘in to’ although I did find that my participants were also influenced by their siblings interests. Interesting, your participant ‘Daniel’ has pretty much the same interests as my Misters 5 and 7 – Minecraft. For free choice blog post in Week 12 I plan to sit with the boys and find out what it’s all about.
    Kristy S

  2. It was really interesting to read the responses in this questionnaire. I found often we see the youth of today ‘doing’ or ‘partaking’ in activities but don’t really ask them why or how long. It seems that technology is something that they can’t live without and I guess it would be hard to in today’s world. Also interesting that even if you omitted the names and ages of the respondents you could still probably have a guess of the age and sex with the responses. One thing that seems consistent among all of our survey’s is the love of Minecraft. Maybe after I finish my Masters degree I may be able to join in and play to create my own world!

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