Gaming Resources

The following resources focus on how gaming can be used in educational contexts.

Playing to Learn

A blog created by Victorian primary school teacher Lynette Bar.  Incorporates descriptions of very practical ways that games and technology can be incorporated into the primary school classroom.

Ilearn Technology

A fantastic blog focused on how to integrate technology into education.  While the blog looks at how technology in general can be applied in the classroom, a simple term such as ‘games’ or ‘gaming’ in the search bar yields some great results on how gaming can be integrated for learning.

Games for Change

A comprehensive website that includes links to numerous games that can be used in education.  Games can be browsed by age group or subject.  Games for Change describes its mission as facilitating ‘the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts’.  The website also includes an interesting blog dedicated to all things gaming.

Institute of Play

With a strong focus on education, the Institute of Play investigates different ways that children can learn through play.  The website includes a section dedicated to Resources for Educators.

ACMI Games Resources

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image provides this games resource.  It includes a Games Showcase which provides links to sites where you can play games as well as essays and guides on topics or issues pertinent to gaming.

The Librarian’s Guide to Gaming

A toolkit for building a culture of gaming in the library.  Includes information on Tools and Resources and Best Practice.

Edutopia Game-based learning

Provides information on how to engage children in learning through the use of games.

Harnessing the Power of Games in Education

Kurt Squire and Henry Jenkins discuss how computer and video games can be used pedagogically for K-16 students.  They describe five scenarios where games are being used in the context of education.

Games in Education

Wiki dedicated to using gaming in the classroom.  The wiki is easy to naviate through subject headings.  Includes links to various game creation tools.


Another insightful games-based-learning blog.

Game-based learning

A pinterest board that provides links to books, reports and videos on games for learning.

Game Reviews

Common Sense Media review a number of games and gives them a star rating for ‘quality’ and ‘learning’.  Included is an ‘Explore, Discuss, Enjoy’ section which provides prompts on educational topics or issues that can be discussed with kids.

The Minecraft Teacher

A blog that documents one computer teachers use of Minecraft in the classroom.

Video Games as Learning Tools

Information and articles on using games in learning.

Games Learning Society

Looks at how video games can transform learning

A website ‘where gaming and education converge’.


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